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Clinical Sim

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There are no definite rules to writing a good CV, but there are some basic guidelines you can follow to ensure your CV is presented professionally.

Presentation of a CV is extremely important; it is the tool that opens the door to an interview and potentially a new career opportunity for permanent post and new contract for locums.

Most CVs contain all the information an employer requires but almost all are poorly presented with little thought to how the CV will be viewed. CVs are now transmitted digitally and are initially viewed on a screen, it is therefore important to format the CV with individual screen shots in mind. The first screen of a CV is approximately two thirds of a page of A4 and should contain as much information as possible to interest the viewer. 

All CVs for medical professionals must have the following details and ideally in the following order:

Your personal details compromise your full name and title, your postal address and full contact details including your e-mail address, home, mobile and work telephone numbers.

You should include your marital status and whether you have dependents- if so, what age are they.

Please make sure to list your education in reverse chronological order (last qualifications first and so on). 

     Please make sure to list your work experience in reverse chronological order (last contract/job first and so on). 

Job Offers and Feedback


MRI is committed to providing an unrivalled service to all its candidates. In return, we ask you to keep in contact with us on a regular basis for us to continue providing this exceptional service.


Interview Feedback


It is important to us that every positive interview is converted to a formal offer of employment. As such, it is imperative that you phone your McCarthy Consultant straight after an interview or assessment to provide feedback on how you feel you performed. Having listened attentively to you at this crucial time, your consultant can then gauge exactly how you feel about the opportunity and give you practical help and advice on how best to move forward. It also enables them to provide feedback on your behalf to the potential employer, utilising this information to talk about converting your interview into a job offer when appropriate, open and honest with us about their current situations and expectations.


Salary Negotiations


At MRI, we seek to build and develop relationships with our candidates. We work on behalf of our candidates to secure the best financial terms from their new employer and we aim to ensure that both candidate and client are satisfied with the terms agreed following a successful application.

We will be honest and provide you with an understanding of the salary you can expect from a vacancy and if we haven’t got the salary range, we will send your salary expectations to the client. If this is in line with the client’s budget, we will talk further about your requirements. If not, we will recommend that a vacancy is not suitable for you based on the employment offer.

There is a common recruitment misconception, that consultancies negotiate the best salary to secure the highest fee- but this is not how we operate. At MRI we will always put your interests first; your salary expectations will be noted at the beginning and taken into consideration throughout the recruitment process.

For this reason, we ask all candidates to be transparent and honest about their current situations and expectations- from here on we will be able to advise you accordingly and represent you in a professional manner.


Formal Offers


You will always receive a written offer- be it direct from the employer or through MRI. Some offers may be subject to receiving a medical professional license or the passing of a ministry exam. Any offer or acceptance of an offer would be treated as confidential.

We understand that a decision to accept an offer is a crucial step in your career and as such would provide you with the full support and advice to assist you with your decision. If we have met your expectations and found you, your next career move, the employment offer should be a moment to celebrate.

We invite you to our offices to join in on the party!!!